A Mother’s Response to a Daughter’s Music. This is an exhibition juried by gallerist Jack Fisher for the 9th Annual Sanchez Art Center fundraiser. The challenge was to come up with a theme for fifty 6x6 inch works in fifty days. My daughter Ariel Marx (www.arielmarx.com) is a film composer and she offered segments of her film scores as inspiration for a new abstract sewing piece each day. The titles are hers, and the music will be available for you to listen to on Soundcloud after September 1. My technique is to attach new and old detritus with a sewing machine to Lokta paper. The paper, made in Nepal, has a gauze backing embedded at the factory giving the material strength. Transparent iridescent watercolor and acrylic paint are also applied. My process was to listen to the music, inviting the title and the sound create a mood which I followed in creating each piece.

You may listen to the music associated with each work by following this link: https://soundcloud.com/arielrosemarx, click “All” at the top and scroll for the title, or download a QR code reader to you smartphone and click on the corresponding code below.